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Listing Guidelines

We have guidelines that sellers must follow in order to submit a service on our marketplace. 

Here are those guidelines:

  • All service images must be unique and you must have permission to use image. We do not allow any copyrighted, trademarked material. All images must be created by the seller or used with permission from the original creator of image.
  • No logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material in the service's description unless written approval to use said trademarked/copyrighted material.

Prohibited Content:

The following content is prohibited from any Listings created by Sellers:

  1. False, misleading, inaccurate, or unsubstantiated claims or content.
  2. Fictional third-party reviews, endorsements, or comments.
  3. Content that contains, promotes, or endorses:
  • Defamation, harassment, hate speech, racism, gender inequality, derogatory or distasteful, or misrepresentation against others.
  • Spyware, spam, Trojan horses, or viruses.
  • Illegal or unlawful activities.
  • Black Hat methods.
  • Methods that may violate a third party network’s Terms of Service.
  • Methods that violate the Clerkster Terms of Service.

Clerkster reserves the right to delete, alter, edit, reject or remove any Listings that do not comply with these Guidelines or meet Clerkster’s standards. Clerkster may remove any offending Listings solely based on its own reasonable judgment.

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